Will My Insurance Cover The Cost?

We currently accept two insurance carriers, Medicare and IEHP (Inland Empire Health Plan) Direct. Medicare and IEHP cover medical nutrition therapy for certain medical conditions. These are outlined below.

Medicare Insurance: Covers medical nutrition therapy for diabetes, kidney disease, and if you’ve had a kidney transplant in the past 36 months. A referral is required from your doctor.

Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP): All nutrition related conditions are typically covered, all you need is a referral.

Self Pay Options

If your insurance does not cover medical nutrition therapy, no problem, we also have several additional self pay services at various price points to help accommodate everyone’s budget. Discover more about these services below:

Meet The Dietitian

Estrella (es-TRE-yuh) is an accredited practicing dietitian with a Master’s degree in Nutritional Science. She has a background working in both the clinical and outpatient settings and believes in the importance of eating right and staying physically active to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

Welcome future client,

If you’ve never met with a dietitian before, here are some things you can expect working with me:

  • Accountability and motivation
  • One on one nutrition counseling and education
  • An individualized nutrition assessment
  • Recipes for a healthy lifestyle
  • No fad diets or starvation

Follow me and learn how to create healthy habits instead of restrictions. I look forward to working with you on your nutrition and health goals.

Book A Session

Book a session with your own personal nutrition coach and gain confidence in your food choices! Learn simple nutrition with practical strategies that best fit your lifestyle and medical condition.

To make an appointment, contact our office at 951-374-3710 extension 1. Please note that during the Coronavirus pandemic, all appointments will be conducted via phone or telehealth communication.